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why is this

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are we finally at the point where this is the only way people can communicate

wait i have prepared for this day

okay seriously stop liking this man! He’s nothing but a dumbshit man child!! I’m not sorry for that! He ruined our home! You guys are just sucking up everything this idiot says!! He’s nothing good! He’s an attention whore!! He wants to be re-elected! Ya know what! Fuck it! I’m done with this stuff like this! Politics can shove up their assholes! I’ll just start unfollowing people who like this man…. You can unfollow me too if you disagree with me. Everyone can have their opinions but to wanting to fuck up our home land even more cause now all of the sudden, out of the blue, ya’ll like this moron is beyond me. This is completely unnecessary. I hate this man. I do not like anything he does or says cause it all bullshit to me. To describe him. He is a dog. Wants to please everyone so people like him, obeying anyone who throws a doggy treat his way. 

There is my rant, I am done.  

[[Then I’m unfollowing you, Nerxualoh. He’s for equal rights, he’s straightened out country out after the Bush administration nearly decimated it. I don’t agree with all his policies, but the fact that he does stand for the rights of me, my mother, my sisters, my friends, and members of my family will make me stand behind him.

He’s brought up employment. He supports EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. He supports women’s reproductive rights. He supports freedom of speech. Fought against internet restriction bills. Supports education, healthcare and the rights this country was founded on. You supply no facts for your arguments, just your dislike of him.

What I’ve mentioned is fact. He supports and fights for the things I’ve listed above. And if supporting MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO CHOOSE TO LOVE THOSE OF THE SAME GENDER offends you, block me. I don’t care.]]

I love everyone even gays. I’m for gay rights, freedom everywhere and everything but this man doesn’t have the slightest clue about any of those! He wants attention. To be all mighty king of the world, spending money like a child! I’m sorry you feel that man. I’ll miss you but I’m not sorry for what I have said about this man. I just do not like him one bit. He has done nothing good, he doesn’t mean good either. He’s doesn’t mean bad but he has no clue how to be president and he made that pretty clear. I’m not going to block you. I have no reason to. Just simple unfollow. Goodbye Hanna

[[Nothing good?

He repealed the unfair and unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell”. He helped stop SOPA and PIPA. He has fought for women’s reproductive rights when the republican’s threatened to take them away. He raised employment. Brought the economy back up as best he could. Didn’t sell himself out. Kept the majority of his promises, which is harder to do in office than you might think. Actually got Osama Bin Laden.

I’m sorry you can’t see the good he’s done for this country. I see you sit there and voice opinions, but bring no facts to back it up.]]

Wow… You’re calling him a man child and yet I can’t read a single thing you write Nerx without the punitive whine of a 6 year old who hasn’t a fucking clue what they’re talking about.


But y’know lets stop flinging insults here.

He ruined your home? Personally? Really? Barack Obama came into your home with a sledgehammer and ruined it? Did he shit on your bed?

He’s a dumbshit manchild? Uh huh, and your caricaturization for this is what? That he’s held the same liberal opinions and willingness to fight for human rights since he was in college? That he could have taken the easy way out and just stayed as a tenured university professor, or as a senator in Illinois since you have to fuck up pretty hard to lose a senate seat. That instead he took the hardest road as a black man from a mixed race single parent household to get to the highest seat of power in the USA in order to have the hopeful DREAM of tweaking the country even just a little back in the right direction when the Bush administration had 8 years of digging America’s grave?

Of course we eat up what he says, he’s saying what every politician SHOULD be saying what every HUMAN BEING on the LOWEST LEVEL of BASIC HUMAN DECENCY should be saying and yet America seems to be so FUCKED UP that to say something that SHOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT of pointing out the sky is blue and grass is green is either ” Commi Liberal Gay agenda treason” or “A Childish Call for Attention” What the fuck kind of shitty ass attitude is that? You’ve basically just admitted you don’t CARE what he says if it comes from him he’s WRONG or a Jerk for saying it.

You call us blockheaded? Without any reason, logic, facts or personal knowledge of the guy you’ve pre-determined him to be the devil and no matter what he says it’s just him being more the devil.

/HE/ Wants to be king of the world? He’s trying to LEAVE OTHER COUNTRIES ALONE unlike his advisers, the GOP or his predecessor. He gave power BACK to the House where Bush Took It Away and he didn’t HAVE to give it back either. His determination not to be the tyrant everyone insists on painting him as is screwing him over more than not because THAT’S what’s keeping him from getting anything done.

If he gets his promises fulfilled, no matter how good they are for the country he’s a tyrant destroying out country, if he doesn’t get his promises fulfilled he’s a lazy asshole who is ineffective, a liar and useless.


Here’s where you’re talking CLEAN OUT YOUR ASSHOLE.

Obama has CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING by nearly 75% compared to what Bush was spending.

The BUSH TAX CUTS ALONE cost nearly the same as the ENTIRE OBAMA BUDGET.

(New york times Data from Congressional Budget Office and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

God I’m GLAD I don’t follow you or anyone that friggen short sighted.

Birth Control 101 For Idiots


This is hormonal birth control.

As you can see on the box, you take exactly one pill per day. To make sure it works, you need to take one pill every day at the same time, or it stops working. You take only one pill, and you keep taking them regardless of what you are doing that day.

Hormonal birth control can be used to treat a lot of different diseases, like anemia caused by excessive menstruation. It is a prescription medication that can cost around $15-50 a month. Because it is a prescription medication, it should be covered by insurance, as it treats legitimate health problems.

This is Viagra.

It, too, can treat legitimate health problems like altitude sickness and pulmonary hypertension, but it is usually prescribed for erectile dysfunction. Unlike the Pill, Viagra is taken every time you want to have sex. A lot of health insurance companies cover Viagra, so it costs about as much as your co-pay.

This is a condom.

It is not a prescription medication, and has no health benefits (besides the prevention of STIs and pregnancy). Like Viagra, you must use one before you have sex: indeed, before each sex act. They cost about a dollar per condom.

This is Sandra Fluke.

She testified before a small, Democrat-led hearing after she was cut out of the actual birth control/insurance discussion. Her testimony was about a friend of hers who, because her insurance did not cover birth control, lost an ovary due to an ovarian cyst.

This somehow translates into “I, myself, personally, am having so much sex I can’t afford birth control, and so I want the government to pay for it.”

This is wrong for multiple reasons.

  1. It was about a friend, not her. To say her testimony was about her personally is factually incorrect.
  2. Sex had nothing to do with the testimony - her friend lost an ovary because of medical condition that was left untreated. A medical condition that was completely treatable, but wasn’t, because her insurance wouldn’t cover it. To say that her testimony was about her being “a slut” or “a prostitute” is factually incorrect.
  3. Even if she was having loads of sex, she would still only have one pill a day, not one pill per sex act, so to say “I’m having so much sex I can’t afford birth control” is completely erroneous. The Pill is not Viagra or condoms. To say that she is such “a slut” that she constantly needs more pills is factually incorrect.
  4. The current political debate is not “should the government pay for birth control?” The debate is “should insurance companies, that people and their employers pay for, on their own, be required to cover birth control?” To say that Sandra Fluke wants the government to pay for her birth control is factually incorrect.
  5. Religious organizations do not want to have birth control covered by their insurance, even for employees not of their faith, even if their employees never actually use their insurance to cover birth control. By this logic, they should also not pay their employees, because they could use that money to pay for birth control out of pocket. To say that this issue is about religious freedom and not about women’s health is disingenuous, as Ms. Fluke’s testimony demonstrates.

Hopefully this makes things a little clearer.

Perfect as is.

The GOP has launched a full offensive


Seriously. Remember January 2011 when they took office and promptly forgot they were elected on the economy so they could introduce a slew of anti-abortion bills? Well, this week has been worse.

In addition to trying to block the Domestic Violence Act because they might be forced to protect women of color, immigrants and LGBT people, holding a hearing on women’s health without any women involved, and mandating ultrasounds that could require vaginal penetration of anyone in Virginia who seeks an abortion, we’ve had two “Personhood” (Personhood meaning “Zygotes With No Nervous System That Resemble Little Dinosaurs Count As A Person With More Rights Than the Humanoid Incubator They Are Housed In”) laws passed in two states. Virginia and, of course, Oklahoma. The last article sums up the reasoning rather nicely:

Anti-abortion advocates and Republicans are no longer content with the American people deciding on personhood amendments via the vote. They know that each of their attempts to pass such amendments have failed, such as in Colorado and Mississippi. So, they are now just using the government to force personhood and anti-abortion laws upon us. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Republicans view the will of the American people.

That’s the bottom line. They’re doing these in the legislatures because they know they won’t even pass among the most conservative electorates in the country. Because this particular group of legislators sold themselves as “fiscal conservatives” and convinced a desperate electorate that they would fix the economy sooner, and then they turned around to spend all their time on this BULLSHIT antichoice and antigay shit, and are possibly arrogant enough to think this isn’t an important enough issue that it’ll get them kicked out on their rear ends. Or deluded enough to think there’s some huge antichoice vote that needs to be energized.

Either way, this is a complete bombardment, so watch your Representatives (no matter the party, because Democrats are often weak-kneed on these issues) to see if they go along or resist.

Fucking WOW.